“Establishing this technology in the Caribbean has the potential to put a major dent into $10 billion worth of CARICOM food imports and inspire a world of change.”                            - Randy Welsch, CEO, Jibu


In Q4 2021, Four Gardens will open an indoor, aeroponic-hydroponic produce-growing operation in Montpelier (30 minutes south of Montego Bay) – using proprietary and industry-leading technology –  which will grow millions of pounds of locally grown produce for the CARICOM resort, cruise ship and grocery markets

  • Soiless technology

  • Less than 2% of the water
    normally used

  • Vast use of natural lighting

  • 100X the amount of produce
    per square foot versus
    conventional farming and up to 50% more efficient than other aeroponic-hydroponic solutions

  • Grows produce in half of the time versus conventional farming

  • Defined as organic produce given the application of oxygen, water, nutrients and non-use of herbicides, pesticides or GMO-related organisms

  • Eliminates the need for equal amounts of imports and provides fresher, more nutritious food to Jamaica and other local Caribbean communities

  • Product can be exported throughout the Caribbean

  • “Kit of Parts” for the aeroponic-hydroponic model will be licensed to farmers and farm cooperatives to spread the use of the approach

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