“Unsustainable food systems are threatening human health and environmental sustainability. We need to change the way we farm.”       - United Nations

The food import bill for the 14 CARICOM countries has skyrocketed from
$2 Billion (US$) in 2000 to over $10 billion in 2021

  • Arable land is being taken out of agricultural production and inconsistent environmental conditions make farming extremely difficult to the point of farmers aging out of the business

  • Tourism-based resorts – the economic anchor of the islands – have an extremely hard time getting quality, nutritious, consistent produce, negatively impacting guest satisfaction 

  • COVID-19 created a situation where imports were halted or inconsistent, creating an extremely high-profile food security issue for CARICOM island nations


The FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean notes that resulting diets have contributed to CARICOM islands being ranked among the highest in the world for obesity, creating a health problem for the Caribbean people

  • Sub-regional data on health status reveal high incidences of food related diseases, in particular obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes – including prevalence of diabetes in children

  • The conclusion is that these health problems are caused largely by the low consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are increasingly being replaced by imported processed and semi-processed foods (rice is the #1 imported product)

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