We're Driving Towards the Goal of Feeding the Caribbean through Experience in Business Scaling, Plant Growth Science, Delivery Logistics, Technology Transfer and Communications


Joseph Risk is the founder and CEO of Four Gardens and also a member of the board of directors. He was a founding partner at Holiday Travel of America. He was also a co-founder and Executive Vice President of Call Solutions, Inc., a Jamaica-located Call-Center company with over 400 Jamaican employees. Joe also was project lead for the partnership between Paymaster Jamaica and ITC Financial, which resulted in successfully establishing one of the first pre-paid debit card businesses in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Because of Joe's extensive business history in Jamaica, his deep set of local contacts
and influencers, his familiarity with hydroponic farming, as well as his understanding of the challenges that face the Jamaican farmer for growing produce locally, Joe formed Four Gardens to create a long-term food solution for Jamaica and the Caribbean.


Walter Drummond is the Vice President of Logistics for Four Gardens. Walter has been at the forefront of technical innovation relative to indoor growing systems his entire career.  An aggressive entrepreneur, Walter started Fluid Networks, Inc. which managed several large contracts including federal and state facility upgrades.  Walter has owned and operated various businesses in the greenhouse sector and lead Cherry Creek Systems, Inc. before founding, Growing Structures, a greenhouse automation company. Walter has nearly three decades in the indoor growing business. He's process driven and a leading thought leader in greenhouse efficiencies and enterprise logistics.


Alva "Al" Edwards is a member of the board of directors for Four Gardens. Al is one of the most influential news leaders in the Caribbean. After senior editor roles at both The Gleaner Company (Jamaica Gleaner newspaper) and The Jamaica Observer, Al became the Chief Executive Officer of the CVM Television Group. From there, Al worked with Sir Butch Stewart at Sandals Resorts International - the #1 resort provider in the Caribbean - as the Director of Corporate Affairs. Al worked with Denis O'Brien, the CEO of mobile and broadband giant, Digicel, to launch The Loop, which today is the leading media provider app for the Caribbean region. Recently he founded Ramble Media Group and currently is launching Our.Today, a major media property and app which will cover Caribbean news, entertainment, business and sports using a high-quality, high-interaction media format. Al is deeply connected with all facets of business and government in the northern Caribbean and his contacts resulted in significant and consistent Jamaican government support and assistance for Four Gardens. 


Malcolmn Pryor Sr. is a member of the board of directors for Four Gardens. Malcolmn has a long history in investment banking, world banking and founding company scenarios. He held investment banking positions with Goldman Sachs before taking over as the Chief Executive Officer for the Southern African Enterprise Development Fund (SAEDF) where he led investments in the Southern Africa sub-region. He also has held investment banking roles at Cal Bank and Quoin Capital, a company he founded. He currently retains a Series 7 license. He's held numerous board roles including at public companies such as Pep Boys, a leader in the U.S. automotive aftermarket and Strother Enterprises, a major airport and convention center concessionaire. In these key board roles, he specializes in corporate risk management. Malcolmn has a deep set of contacts at the global banking level, allowing Four Gardens to leverage significant relationships and opportunities in order to push the company forward through unique and diverse means. 

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