Four Gardens Ltd. owes over $200,000 U.S. to ex-employees, vendors and consultants. 


This website has been taken down due to lack of payment by Four Gardens, Ltd., dba Four Gardens Global.


Four Gardens Global and their CEO, Joseph "Joe" Risk, are about to undertake a multi-million dollar energy and greenhouse project in Jamaica with the Humankind Group (Newport Beach, California), Van Der Hoeven Horticultural Projects (The Netherlands), Hampden Sugar Estate/Hampden Estate Rum (Dumfries, Jamaica) and other partners and national government officials, yet Four Gardens Global has reneged on contractual obligations made to a number of individuals and companies who helped build the entire project to date.


To date, there are over $200,000 (U.S.) of unpaid expenses incurred by Four Gardens Global, including marketing expenses (email, website, photography, video, various online apps), business planning expenses, legal expenses and even day-to-day expenses (phone, travel, etc.) on which the company has failed to respond in any form of professional or governed manner.

The decision to unethically and illegally withhold payment to individuals and parties who put in thousands of hours of work towards this project was made under the direction of the CEO, Joe Risk (Las Vegas, NV) and two board members, Alva "Al" Edwards (Jamaica) and Malcolmn Pryor Sr. (Miami, Florida). 

Legal proceedings are under strong consideration at this point given the complete lack of response and fair and equitable consideration from Messrs. Risk, Edwards and Pryor.